Healing From Within!

In just 30 plus minutes per day you can heal your body and spirit. Need to stop smoking? Need to have more confidence in yourself? Need to lessen the stress in your life? This worked for me. Visit http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/awaken

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Soaps, Butters & Creams

Our handmade soaps, butters, and creams promote healing and wholeness. We use all natural ingredients in our products because we want you to feel and look as great as we do. Be sure to read the ingredients in each of our soaps to ensure you address the area for which you are concerned.

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Candles and Specialty Packages

Having trouble bring your mind under control so you can enjoy the evening with that special one? Well, help is here! Select one of our Specialty Packages to assist in setting the right atmosphere for the evening or midday delight. Awaken The Next Level in your Love Life.

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Angelene Frederick, Inspirational Speaker

What about you?

  I hope you have enjoyed this video and I would love to hear your comments. As we go through this journey together, please feel free to request videos on subjects that matter to you; make sure those subjects are in the category of personal growth and empowerment.

Are you a looser -self destruction

Are you stupid?

Are you a jerk? Are you a looser? Are you stupid? Do you really not fit in? Are you good enough?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Is this the type of self-talk you’re having with yourself these days? STOP! It is time to REBUILD your SELF-CONFIDENCE! Negativity cannot stay around long when self-confidence

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Free Yourself From Prison

I’ve been waiting to feel progress for sometime now and finally, I do! It has been such a long while since completing my book. I must say, I have had to fight a lack of self-confidence all the way, and I have been faithfully doing so. Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Know that

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