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Are you a looser -self destruction

Are you stupid?

Are you a jerk? Are you a looser? Are you stupid? Do you really not fit in? Are you good enough?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Is this the type of self-talk you’re having with yourself these days? STOP! It is time to REBUILD your SELF-CONFIDENCE! Negativity cannot stay around long when self-confidence

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Free Yourself From Prison

I’ve been waiting to feel progress for sometime now and finally, I do! It has been such a long while since completing my book. I must say, I have had to fight a lack of self-confidence all the way, and I have been faithfully doing so. Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Know that

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Is He Worth It?

When we first met, my husband and I, we felt we were made for each other. Every day I thought about what I could do to make him happy and see a smile on his face. It is now twenty years later and I have matured much. I have also learned that society has become

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