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Marriage – Complex

Awe the challenge! If you have never had a challenge in your life, get married! Think of it, two totally different personalities are coming together as one, (this goes for those who choose to live together as well) thinking they will live together happily ever after; well, that’s not exactly going to happen as easy

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Breaking Free

Ever had one of those days when life seems to come a crashing in your brain? It’s not that your life has stopped or that you are not doing OK with what you have financially; it’s just that whatever you are doing, whatever you have, whatever emotions you are feeling are not making you happy,

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Real Relief and Healing

There is nothing like learning to give yourself the attention you need to heal inside and out! Well, no matter your situation, mediation can help. Even if it means, giving you the mental rest you so desperately need to relax and heal. I find meditation to be the most fascinating way to heal your body,

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