Breaking Free


Ever had one of those days when life seems to come a crashing in your brain? It’s not that your life has stopped or that you are not doing OK with what you have financially; it’s just that whatever you are doing, whatever you have, whatever emotions you are feeling are not making you happy, internally.

I say it is time to break free! Break free from the shadows of walking in the shoes that someone else have worn; break free of the life your mom told you is best for you (if you are not happy with it, of course); break free of the life your pastor told you was required by God (did you read it for yourself); and move into a new life, a life that God has prepared for you, with all that He has to offer.

How do we do that? Stay tuned and take an eye opening, revealing journey with me, as I share my journey in finding myself, the real me, the me that God created from the beginning.