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A Focused Transformation

When one wants to transform their life, it is important to become focused on your objective. Without focus, dedication, and perseverance, somehow the objective seems elusive. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve decided to transform my life and lost focus. What I have learned is that it takes planning along with focus and

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Self Confidence

Wow! Self confidence, what can I say about it? The importance of it is right up there with the necessity of breathing to live. It is one of the most profound attributes a person can possess. In fact, I would go further to say that without it, life is like salad without the dressing; no

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Welcome to “Awaken The Next Level ™,” this blog is to share the experiences, the joys, and the pains, I have encountered during my years to become the person I was predestined to become at birth, but was side-tracked along the way. Hopefully my experiences will help many of you find your “TRUE,” self; believe

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