Is He Worth It?

When we first met, my husband and I, we felt we were made for each other. Every day I thought about what I could do to make him happy and see a smile on his face. It is now twenty years later and I have matured much. I have also learned that society has become

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The Awesomeness Inside

I am in the process of preparing to go out to get an oil change, all of a sudden, this over whelming  feeling of love and gratitude takes control of my body, mind, and spirit; I am loving it! It is truly Awesome! Since learning to meditate and appreciate living in the moment, each day

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A Move Toward Excellence

Today has been a wonderful day and I have done much to move toward the excellence I am seeking. I have been able to set aside time for mediation and focus on building my business into the million dollar business I desire. It is sometimes a challenge to stay focus; however, meditation makes it an

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