two-lemons(Goodbye Weight Loss Problems)

I have been drinking lemon water for a few years now, off and on; usually, when I am out at a restaurant having lunch or dinner; not really knowing the power of this powerful mixture! Well, let me share with you, the healing power of lemons (organic is best).

While searching the internet seeking a solution to alkalize my body, as I am on the path to creating a healthy body, mind, spirit; I ran across a blog where a young woman was sharing her story about asking God for a solution to her sinus problem.  This caught my attention because I have been dealing with sinusitis for many years. She talked about God leading her to lemon, garlic, and water (I will share my powerful healing experience with garlic on another post, think candida!) Anyway, I decided to try this mixture and had a powerful but scary, healing crisis. Because these symptoms were so powerful, I decided that this mixture was too much for my body in the amounts that I was taking in (especially, after learning what garlic can do for the body…that’s another post).

After noticing the weight loss from this drink, I decided that I would only continue with the lemon and water for a while and use the garlic sparingly throughout the month (safer for me). Well, I began to notice my energy level, I had so much energy, I literally did not know what to do with myself. So, I began to take short walks in the morning and evening a few days a week, to burn off excess energy. Then, I noticed that the fat that was hanging from my under-arm was beginning to disappear, I noticed the fat that I had been trying to rid myself of for years, on my inner thighs, was disappearing, and my body was becoming more fit; lemons and water on a daily basis is so powerful, it is simply amazing!!

If you have had problems with excessive fat that will not move, feed it the holistic way, lemons! What I do is squeeze a fresh lemon into an 8oz glass of cold water (some prefer room temperature, I do both at different times) first thing in the morning, before breakfast or immediately after my walk. I must warn you, lemon is so good with helping digestion, that I find myself really hungry multiple times a day. Which also helps me lose weight because I am eating on a regular basis, which keeps my metabolism up and moving; however, I try to only eat very small portions of vegetables or fruits or a green drink; then at lunch time, I also try to eat healthy. Let me tell you, it works!!!

I hope this bit of information will inspire you to change your diet and become the healthiest person you can be!