Marriage – Complex

bookcoverimage-386x480Awe the challenge! If you have never had a challenge in your life, get married! Think of it, two totally different personalities are coming together as one, (this goes for those who choose to live together as well) thinking they will live together happily ever after; well, that’s not exactly going to happen as easy as one may think. Without analyzing the complexity of the situation, truly committing one’s self to work diligently toward a great relationship; and, having compassion and empathy, like you have never had before; a relationship could end as quickly as it began.

Come join us in our journey to be our best selves, while being the wife God has called us to be! We will take a journey through this awesome workbook together! Together, we will learn how to work out major issues in our lives by using the word of God to steer us in the right direction. So purchase your workbook today, be ready for next Saturday, when we officially begin to work out of the workbook; once we begin, we will go through a twelve week course in marriage. We will have an awesome time, because each of us will be engaged and learning throughout this journey.

Relationships are complex by nature; but, as I have found, first hand, you can make your relationship run smoothly most of the time.  The secret for me has been to try to put myself in my husband’s shoes (so to speak), facing the situation with the reality of what happens in real life with the feelings of the other person. It is not hard to do, when you really want the best for your marriage and do not want to live in disharmony. The effort of doing this is paramount to understanding the reactions of the other person. For example; when I first discovered my husband was very involved in porn (we will discuss details in another post), I was hurt, angry, and ready to walk out of this marriage; but after deciding to listen to his side of the story, to my surprise, I was able to put myself in his shoes (so to speak) and realize that this was a deep issue that required my attention, patience, and wisdom;  did I say patience? Yes! this situation demanded my patience to get through it, together.

As I said at the beginning of this post; relationships, especially marriages (life commitments) are very complex. How we handle personal issues and situations determine if this relationship is going to be a miserable union or a union with love, respect, and joy 98% of the time. Want to read more about issues that have the potential to destroy a relationship and the options available to resolve them? Check out Marriage or Murder, Life or Death eBook You will find this thought provoking eBook amazing! This is not your regular read and discover book, this is an interactive eBook in that you will actually participate in resolving this issues yourself, based on your own personal analysis of self and how you respond in situations. You will be forced to “Look Within and Move Upward,TM” Get your copy now and begin the process of healing your relationship.

After you have read and completed the eBook, please do come back and share with us what you have learned and how it has helped you in a situation in your own relationship.