Self Confidence

How to transfrom your life

Wow! Self confidence, what can I say about it? The importance of it is right up there with the necessity of breathing to live. It is one of the most profound attributes a person can possess. In fact, I would go further to say that without it, life is like salad without the dressing; no matter what type of dressing you prefer, salad does not live up to its potential without dressing. Likewise, life without self-confidence is a life NOT without many, many, many struggles.

This is the life lived for most of my adult life, a life with too many struggles. Here’s the really sad part, I did not have a clue that the self-confidence I once possessed was gone!Not a clue for a few years. I often wondered why I was so uncomfortable around people, why I was reluctant to interject my knowledge into business meetings, why did I always feel not good enough, inferior to all; even to those with much less education and experienced than me. My self-confidence was on vacation.

I cannot begin to tell you the many issues I faced daily, the challenges of keeping a good position, the challenge of having friends and family that appreciated and loved me enough to help me through a process. A process to heal my spirit, which is where I learned true confidence begins and ends.

I will continue to post and share with you, my journey; the journey that help me live again, love again, believe in myself again! Dream again!!!

Until my next post; don’t give up, don’t give up on yourself, you can and will recover from this illness and obtain self-confidence once again.


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