It is all about me today!

Learning to say NO and taking time for yourself if paramount to good health and wealthToday, it is all about me! Have you ever taken a moment to just focus on you, without the guilt? If not, I dare you to try it!

I remember so clearly as if it were yesterday, that just a little over a year ago, I was so stressed out, trying to be everything, for everybody. My blood pressure seemed so uncontrolled, my mind seemed so cluttered all the time, sleep was fleeting and life was dreadful. Then came the adrenal crash and hello, a wake up call like never before. This is the day, I began to live my life for me and allow others to enjoy my time, when I felt like it; if I did not feel like spending time with someone else because I had other plans, I simply said NO.

NO, is the most powerful word I know! No has helped me become more focus on doing the things I want to do like building my business, reading a book for pleasure, writing for pleasure, meditating for better health and wealth and simply enjoying my life and myself.

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