p_004-320x226Welcome to “Awaken The Next Level ™,” this blog is to share the experiences, the joys, and the pains, I have encountered during my years to become the person I was predestined to become at birth, but was side-tracked along the way. Hopefully my experiences will help many of you find your “TRUE,” self; believe in yourself, trust yourself, and most importantly, love yourself!

Because the journey of life encompasses a diversity of issues, I will share experiences from every area of my life; experiences that I am sure are shared by many of you; I will share how I over-came many obstacles , and continue to find my TRUE self; how I learned to “Awaken the Next Level™,” in my own life.

Internally destroyed by religion, let me say man’s organized religion, that is; not God; let me make that very clear. God has empowered us with all we need; however, unfortunately, you may have missed the lessons, if you only focused on what others have taught you and have never ventured into the Bible as well as history on your own. There is health, wealth, mental and emotional freedom in God and it all begins with you!

Before you do what we normally do, don’t’! Don’t make a judgment call from the few paragraphs above; dig deep into this blog and you may find something that inspires you to “Look Inward and Move Upward,” ™.

I have so much to share and so much more to learn, so I ask that you register in our social club network and share your stories and ideas with me, and we can “Awaken The Next Level” ™ together.