Is He Worth It?


When we first met, my husband and I, we felt we were made for each other. Every day I thought about what I could do to make him happy and see a smile on his face. It is now twenty years later and I have matured much. I have also learned that society has become more and more concerned about feminism, and I can understand the need for such action; so many woman have been pushed aside, held back in positions, treated like sub-humans and…

But when it comes to our marriages, are we allowing society to push the nail a little to far into the wood? I mean do we need to deny our husbands the right to treat us like women, like the ladies we are? Certainly not. I think we have to take a step back and really enjoy our spouses regardless of the rules that society has deemed appropriate. With that in mind, I intend to have the best times possible with my hubby.

As he walked into the room from a long day, I decided to do something special to show him that I love and appreciate him so much. He has always supported me in everything I have ever attempted. So, as he sat at the table, I reached down, to his surprise, and began taking his shoe laces loose, he smiled; that smile was priceless to me! I then, pulled off his socks and put his bedroom shoes on. He was so happy, and we sat at the table for hours talking and laughing; this was special to the both of us. We bonded even more.

Do not allow society to dictate how you nurture your marital relationship; every relationship is different and every wife needs to be treated like a lady and every man needs to be treated like a man; both want and deserve to have an awesome and loving relationship.

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